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Let the tea leaves give you a true and honest reading. Example of how to read tea leaves: When I first learned to read tea leaves, I did a reading for myself in which there was a shape that caught my attention.

An In Depth Guide For Intuitively Reading Tea Leaves

You will want to mentally divide the cup into sections in order to determine the time frame in which the different leaves belong. When you first look at the tea leaves, you will see the leaves scattered into lines, dots, and small and large groups. It will look meaningless and confusing. Pause and look at the different shapes from different positions, turning the cup to see it from different angles.

The Art of Reading Tea Leaves

The shapes and their meaning will start to become clear. In a reading, each shape is taken together. The good ones will balance out the bad ones. The good ones can be supported by other positive ones. The tea leaves will work together to create a story, each one filling in a different detail. You will look at the different groups and shapes formed by the tea leaves to see if any of them form objects found in nature or elsewhere.

You might see a shape in the tea leaves that resembles a tree, flowers, anchors, stars, squares, letters, numbers, triangles, and so on. Others claim it is a form of psychometry — a psychic ability where you gain information from inanimate objects through clairvoyance. Tea leaf reading began many centuries ago in Ancient China.

The meanings of the symbols in Tea Leaf Reading. (Tasseography)

It developed from tea drinkers interpreting the shapes that tea leaves left in the bottom of their cups, evolving into a method of fortunetelling. When tea was introduced to Europe in the s, it became a fashionable and popular drink. The art of reading tea leaves became quite popular in Europe as well.

It was one of the easiest forms of fortunetelling to practice as it only required tea, a cup, and a saucer. There are many types of tea.

Tasseography - The Art of Tea Leaf Reading

However, loose tea — green, black, white, or oolong — is the best tea for tea leaf reading. The tea leaves in tea bags are too broken down in processing to easily read tea leaves. Just as tea bags have tea leaves that are too small to read, you also want to avoid teas that have really large leaves, like gunpowder green tea. In fact, ones that are slightly different in size and shape like Keemun work well because of how they will form images in your cup. You can read tea leaves using any cup — from the oldest to the newest.

Just make sure it is nicely rounded and has a handle. While learning to accurately read tea leaves and use them to tell fortunes will certainly take some practice, the process of tea leaf reading itself is quite straightforward and simple. It is best to use a white or light-colored cup, since this will make reading the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup much easier.

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Simply put a pinch of full-leaf tea into the cup and pour hot water on top of the leaves, allowing them to steep for around three minutes. Then, enjoy the cup of tea as you normally would, reflecting on the things that you would like to learn from your reading as you sip.

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When only a small amount of liquid and the tea leaves remain at the bottom of the cup, the drinker should quickly move the cup in a clockwise circle three times, allowing some of the tea leaves to swish up the sides of the cup, while the rest remain at the bottom. Then, invert the cup and allow the liquid to drain. Now, it is time to flip the cup right-side up and read the tea leaves. The closer to the rim of the cup the leaves appear, the sooner the events designated by the symbols will occur; the closer to the bottom of the cup the leaves appear, the further in the future the events will occur.

While the symbols and shapes formed by the tea leaves are certainly significant on their own, it is also important to pay attention to the size of the symbols, as well as their proximity to other symbols, which may affect their meaning. Try to interpret the symbols individually, but also as a full interconnected picture. There is something inherently mystical about tea leaf reading, making Halloween season the perfect time to try your hand at fortune-telling using tea leaves.

If you are hosting a Halloween party, set up a simple tea leaf reading station.