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The netCDF storage is arranged as contiguous latitudinal bands. The total dataset is 12Gb. The format consists of a header that gives the geographic extent and grid interval of the data set, followed by the actual grid cell data values.

Acronyms and abbreviations

The GeoTiff format contains geo-referencing geographic extent and projection information embedded within a Tiff file. GEBCO's global elevation models are generated by the assimilation of heterogeneous data types, assuming all of them to be referred to mean sea level. However, in some shallow water areas, the grids include data from sources having a vertical datum other than mean sea level. We are working to understand how best to fully assimilate these data. If the data sets are used in a presentation or publication then we ask that you acknowledge the source.

This should be of the form:. While every effort is made to produce an error free grid, some artefacts may still appear in the data set. Please see our errata web page for information on known bugs in the dataset. If you find any anomalies in the grid then please report them via email gdacc seabed Sandwell, D T. New global marine gravity model from CryoSat-2 and Jason-1 reveals buried tectonic structure, Science, Vol. Global seafloor topography from satellite altimetry and ship depth soundings, Science, v. Hell, B and M Jakobsson , Gridding heterogeneous bathymetric data sets with stacked continuous curvature splines in tension, Mar.

Bedmap2: improved ice bed, surface and thickness datasets for Antarctica, The Cryosphere, 7, , British Oceanographic Data Centre. Contact us Register Log in Service status. Data processing steps Database design Software engineering Future strategy. Location of the Seabed Centers and their areas of responsibility.

Review of the Literature

Generic Mapping Tools 16 Digital bathymetric contours from charts - depth value taken from a bathymetric contour data set 17 Digital bathymetric contours from ENCs - depth value taken from bathymetric contours from an Electronic Navigation Chart ENC 18 Pre-generated grid - depth value is taken from a pre-generated grid that is based on mixed source data types, e. This data set is a global grid at 30 arc-seconds. It was largely generated from a data base of ship-track soundings with interpolation between soundings guided by satellite-derived gravity data Land elevations 5.

While every effort has been made to ensure reliability within the limits of present knowledge, the accuracy and completeness of The GEBCO Grid cannot be guaranteed. A new bathymetry of the Northeast Greenland continental shelf: Constraints on glacial and other processes. Ei-go Japanese 1.

Nikon-go colloquial 1. J osoku nari- mashUa kaf the train is ten minutes O nan-ji made? Leaf ha; happa; of a gate tobira; of paper kami ichi- mai how many leaves.? Umare-kawaUa yo ni naru to turn over a 1. Japanese Kihon-go wo naraitai to 1. Japanese con- versation] l I lei't Kobe this morning kesa Kobe wo demaali'da has he left. It alone Kiitete oit-e o kure, don't touch inra-nai de o kure 1.

S in Japanese Nihon-go no keiko wo suru thLs will be a 1. Iritolsu mo trgnmi ga ko-nai 1 have receix ed a i. Like adj. Nakamura Nakamura 1. K mikake ga.

Satellite Application Facilities

I if I buy tiie 1. The Japanese language, therefore is poor in expressions of af- fection and those whicli ex- ist are apt to be taken in a bad sense. Low not high Mkui; vulgar gesubatta; gehin na 1. Make koshirarru; sum can y ;u ni.

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Ill accounts kanjo wo sum tf ni. Ill one's mind krsshin sunt; timeru jDii will m Mamma see mother Man hilo; jin; a male human being otoko like a m See page Ki how m Taro Taro San to m. Mat May an eight m I go out.

Acronyms and abbreviations

I ask you whether you have seen him. I offer you some milk? I will take it with nie, I m.

I did not m. TMni ka kotozuke ga nrimashila ka? Messenger tKukui please send a m. I wont be cone am San may always be replaced by Sanut when it is desired to show greater jiolitcness. Miss Tanaka Tanaka San no o jo-san Mr. Tanaka's daughter AlLsscs; see Mb. Mission Atolst Mission religioufl Institution dendokai m. I have made machigaimasMta is there no m. Tanabe Tanabe San Alistress wife of the master of the liouse oku-san; of an inn, etc o kami san; teacher sensei; paramour mekake See Mr.

Misunderstand something saia kiki-chigae-ru : sometliing written omoi-chigaeru Mix mazeru m.

Conversational Japanese for beginners

Moment Monopoly Moment kata-toki for the m. I arrived kimnshiUi toki kara the m.

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  3. Acronym Glossary.
  4. GEBCO_12222 Grid;
  5. Amida no hlKafi yoii kane no hikari ga tuttoi Lthe glitter of gold is more precious than the refulgent glory of the Kternal Buddha] it is simply a question of m. Bank notes: 1 yen. Japan G. Britain U. I have not any m. I think it over the m. I like it omoeba omou hodo ii the m. I think it over the less I understand it kangaerebd kan'iaeru hodo uxtkarn-tiaku narimasii m Itnyo m. Most tiiujiii: toit'i ni. Hakone made jidosha de ikaranasu! I want to go to A and back A made ojukv sh'tUii I want to drive round the town wachi-ju tvo kembutsu sh'.

    Vti I suppose this charge includes everything kore ni minna haitte iru no desho where is the nearest bicycle shop? San; Sama more polite Mr. Tanabe Tanabe San Mrs. Tanabe politely Tanabe Sama no okH-sama [Mr. Ta- nabe's wifel; referring to lower class people Tanabe San no o kami-san; my wife kanai Much takusan; with an adj. I don't need as ni. Mud doro the streets are very ni I change trains at Maibata? Iiadaka ni nam n. Hakone no kinjo wo shitte imam ka? I have good n. Monday getsHyo-bi ni o-ide nasai not that one the n.