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More refinements Additional navigation. Names and ages of male children, apprenticed by Governor Hunter, tol Names of male Palatines, above twenty-one years old, in Livingston Manor, N. Names of the first Palatines in North Carolina, as early as and No. Names of males, Salzburgers, settled in Georgia, to No.


German settlement in North Carolina, , No. Germanna No. XII crmnnna At different periods, various causes and diverse motives in- duced them to abandon their Vaterland. Religious persecution, political oppression drove thousands to Pennsylvania to the asylum for the har- rassed and depressed sons and daughters of the relics of the Reformation, whither William Penn himself invited the perse- cuted of every creed and religious opinion. From to , Pennsylvania was the central point of emigration from Germany, France and Switzerland.

Penn's liberal views, and the illiberal course of the government of New York toward the Germans, induced many to come to this Province. See Appendix No.

In the first period of twenty years, from , com- paratively few Germans arrived : not above two hundred fami- lies. Kayser's Schauplatz von Heidelberg, p. Others soon followed Pastorius. For a List of their names, and of the first settlers at German town, see Appendix No. L Pastorius located where he laid out Germantown the same year in which he arrived in Pennsylvania.

The land of the German- town settlement was first taken up by him, the 12th of the 10th month October He commenced the town with thirteen families.

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In less than five years some fifty houses had been erected. The period from marks an era in the early Ger- man emigration. Between forty and fifty thousand left their native country " their hearths where soft affections dwell. To escape the dreadful sufferings awaiting them, German and other Protestants emigrated to the English colonies in America.

In , a number of German Reformed, residing between Wolfenbiittel and Halberstadt, fled to Neuwied, a town of Rhenish Prussia, where they remained some time, and then went to Holland there embarked, in , for New York. Their frail ship was, by reason of adverse winds, carried into the Delaware bay.

Determined, however, to reach the place for which they were destined to have a home among the Dutch, they took the overland route from Philadelphia to New York. From this point, the Germans have spread into Somerset, Bergen and Essex counties. In and , thirty-three thousand, on an invitation of Queen Anne, left their homes in the Rhine country for London, where some twelve or thirteen thousand arrived in the summer of J These were, for some time, in a destitute condition wholly depending upon the charity of the inhabi- tants of the English metropolis.

In the fall of , one hundred and fifty families, consist- ing of six hundred and fifty Palatines, were transported, under the tutelar auspices of Christian De Graffenried and Ludwig Michell, natives of Switzerland, to North Carolina. As in all new countries, the Palatines were exposed to trials, privations and hardships incident to border life. One hundred of them were massacred by the Tuskarora Indians, Sept.


Michael Schlatter preached here in Williamson's N. The descendants of these Germans reside in different parts of the State. In the first third of the last century came Tobler, and the Rev. Zuber- biihler, of St. Gaul, Switzerland, with a large number of his country- men, located in Granville county. Tobler was soon appointed Justice of the Peace.

Besides these, many Germans moved from Virginia and Pennsylvania, seated themselves in the mountainous regions. Lincoln- ton and Stokes, as well as Granville county, were. In , the Germans from Pennsylvania alone in North Carolina, numbered upwards of fifteen hundred persons. Lijker, p. In , a company of French Protestants arrived and seated them- selves on the river Trent, a branch of the Neuse. Joshua Kocherthal, with a small band of his perse- cuted Lutheran brethren, embarked at London, 1 , for New York, where they arrived in December, and shortly thereafter he, with his little flock, settled on some lands up the Hudson river, which they had received from the crown of England.


Two thousand one hundred acres, granted by a patent, Dec. The Queen also bestowed upon Kocherthal five hundred acres as a glebe for the Lutheran church. Newburg is the place of this settlement.

Kocherthal, In the meantime, while those were transported to North Caro- lina, and to New York, three thousand six hundred Germans were transferred to Ireland; seated upon unimproved lands in the county of Limerick, near Arbela and Adair; others, in the town of Rathkeale, where their descendents still reside, and are known to this day, as German Palatines, preserving their true German character for industry, thrift and honorable dealing.

Persons who have lately visited them say, " They are the most wealthy and prosperous farmers in the county of Limerick. The names of those who accompanied Kocherthal have been preserved, and are kept in the archives of the State of New York. See App. J Journal H. Ten thousand died for want of sustenance, medical attend- ance, and from other causes.

Some perished on ships. The survivers were transported to English colonies in America. Several thousand had embarked for the Scilly Islands, a group south-west of England ; but never reached their intended des- tination.

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  • Ten sails of vessels were freighted with upwards of four thousand Germans for New York. They departed the 25th December, ; and after a six months' tedious voyage reached New York in June, The survivors were encamped in tents, they had brought with them from England, on Nutting, now Governor's Island.

    Here they remained till late in autumn, when about fourteen hundred were removed, one hundred miles up the Hudson river, to Livingston Manor. The widowed women, sickly men and orphan-children remained in New York. A supply of naval stores from this arrangement, had been confidently anticipated. The experiment proved a com- plete failure.

    There was mismanagement. The Germans, being unjustly oppressed, became dissatisfied both with their treatment, and with their situation. Governor Hunter resorted to violent measures to secure obedience to his demands. In this, too, he failed. Watxon in his Annals, Vol. They embarked Dec. See Brodhead's Doc.